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High Speed Door 320

- Modular system allows custom configurations
- Fast opening and closing speed saves energy costs
- Space saving construction for almost unlimited possibilities of installation
- Fast and simple installation
- Maintenance-friendly design resulting in minimal service costs

High Speed Door 330
- compact construction saves valuable space
- alternatively door curtain from clear PVC for extreme mechanical load
- a curtain tension system assures the perfectly controlled opening and closing movement and permanently tensions the curtain in all situations
High Speed Door 660
- extremely robust, tear-resistant fabric - remarkably long life length
- the curtain tension and counterbalance system, that ensures a secure opening and closing movement and permanent curtain tension in all situations
- Door curtain with 5-year guarantee (see guarantee certificate) fitted as standard
High Speed Door 3000
- Patented DiscDrive technology prevents metal to metal contact as the door slats wind onto the top roll. This reduces excessive wear, vibration and noise in high-cycle door operations.
- Low maintenance. The 3000 has fewer moving parts than other high speed rolling doors. No hinges, wheels or rollers that can be expensive to replace. Fast opening and closing speeds. Saves on utility costs by reducing loss of heating and cooling energy within temperature controlled environments.
- Contactless Safety Edge detects an object in the door path and reverses the door before the bottom edge can make contact with equipment, vehicles or personnel.