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High Speed Door 330

ADVANTAGES OF High Speed Door 330
- compact construction saves valuable space
- alternatively door curtain from clear PVC for extreme mechanical load
- a curtain tension system assures the perfectly controlled opening and closing movement and permanently tensions the curtain in all situations

- as an interior door to prevent drafts
- to separate rooms and environments, saving energy
- in sheltered outside areas
- the smooth PVC surface is easy to clean, making it especially suited e.g. for hygienic areas
- the compact construction only requires minimum installation space, making it very valuable in resale and wholesale stores

Anodised aluminium profiles with yellow stripes on both sides guide the curtains upward and downward motion. Wall fixations, as well as the electrical channels are integrated into the frames which are compact and self supporting. The aluminium top roll and shafts are equipped with ball bearings on each end.

The standard version includes a regular curtain tension and counter balance system.
As a protection against wind, the curtain is held by plastic wind tabs which slides inside the side frames.

A self repairing knock-out capability is available as option.

3 Phase motor with a worm gear and connectors for direct installation. Position and curtain direction are permanently monitored by optical sensor. Position can be chosen right- or left-hand.

ACS 50 or frequency converter controle system ACS 70. See technical data.

- ASO - Automatic Safety Opening by means of a battery: (only available with ACS 70 control system).
An open impulse, e.g. by a fire detector, processes in such a manner that the relevant 330 opens immediately. When the net power supply is available, the impulse from the fire detector will open the door as a common up impulse. To close the door a down impulse is required. When the net power goes off the door will open up to approx. 2 meters automatically by releasing the brake on the drive unit. The door will be opened by the additional balancing system.
- MSO – Manual Self Opening:
(available with ACS 70 and ACS 50). Counter balance system which opens the door approx. up to 2 m by releasing the brake with bowden lever manually.

In the event of a power failure, in the standard version the door can be opened by means of a hand crank.

This door is designed according to the regulations of the Workplace Directive of the UVV as well as the harmonized CE Guidelines including the EN 13241-1.

The security of the door is designed for normal use for vehicles in industrial environment corresponding to the harmonized CE-Guidelines. In consideration of the situation on site - especially in case of use by pedestrians - additional safety measures, like additional actuators may be required. Next to this, special environmental conditions may have impact on the right choice of doortype. In case of any doubt please contact our sales engineer for advice in your application.

Technical Data  
Interior door suitable
Exterior door partially suitable
Wind resistance class 1 - EN 12424
Door dimension (mm)  
DW min. / max. 100 / 400 cm
DH min. / max. 100 / 420 cm
Opening direction vertical
Side frames aluminium anodised
Bottom profile aluminium anodised
Top roll aluminium anodised
Top roll cover 1)
Motor cover 1)
Door curtain (alternatively)  
PVC with blue or red reinforcement stripes
PVC with alternative coloured reinforcement stripes
PVC with silicon free reinforcement stripes
Wind taps
Curtain tension
Drive unit electrical
Control systems  
ACS 50
ACS 70
Electrical safety contact edge
Door line photocell
Fall down protection
elastic cable
Knock-out capability (SRD)
Manual activation
hand crank
Second bowden lever
Speed (m/s) ACS 50 ACS 70
open/close up to max. / m/s 0,8/0,8 2,0/1,0
Fuse protection 6,3 A 10/16 A
Control voltage 24 V DC 24 V DC
Protection degree IP 55 IP 65
Motor power / kW 0,55 kW 1,1 kW
3L/(N)/PE/230/400/415V;50 Hz  
3L/(N)/PE 200/440/500V;50Hz  
L/N/PE 200/230/240V;50/60Hz  
2L/PE 400/440/500V;50/60Hz  
Additional opening heights
Potential free contacts max. 250 V
Traffic light function    
without direction detection
with direction detection
Flashing alarm light
Error message
Option Standard — not available
1) For doors of height 250 cm the use of top roll and motor cover is required according to standard EN 13241-1.