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High Speed Door 660

ADVANTAGES OF High Speed Door 660
- extremely robust, tear-resistant fabric
- remarkably long life length
- the curtain tension and counterbalance system, that ensures a secure opening and closing movement and permanent curtain tension in all situations
- door curtain with 5-year guarantee (see guarantee certificate) fitted as standard

- as a room and environment divider to save energy
- as an exterior door for demanding outdoor conditions

The top roll consists of a steel tube with welded end caps. The shafts are supported on both sides by bearings. The curtain is riveted to the top roll and sealed towards the wall. Anodised aluminium side frames on both sides of the curtain guide its upward and downward movement. Hinges allow to open the side frame for service. A cover of anodised aluminium protects the front of the top roll.

The door curtain is made of extremely rigid, tear-resistant fabric. Tensile strength: 185 kN/m. The coated fabric seals against moisture and drafts. Standard colours are blue, orange and grey. A counterbalance is provided by tension springs. The tension spring system also ensures that the door curtain remains firm and taut regardless of high wind loads.
Wind bars are available as an option to improve the wind resistance of the door significantly. The wind bars can be fitted in front, behind or on both sides of the curtain. Additional space requirement depending on their location.

Self repairing knock-out capability - SRD. The door can be fitted with an optional knock-out capability for sizes up to 5.5 x 5.5 m (max. 22 m2 door area).

3-phase asynchronous motor with worm gear and connector is mounted directly to the top roll. Drive position left- or right-hand side.

The door is fitted with an ACS 70 type frequency converter control system as standard. An ACS 50 type control system is available as an option.

In the event of a power failure, the door curtain can be released and lifted manually with the support of the tension springs in the counterbalance system.

This door is designed according to the regulations of the Workplace Directive of the UVV as well as the harmonized CE Guidelines including the EN 13241-1.

The security of the door is designed for normal use for vehicles in industrial environment corresponding to the harmonized CE-Guidelines. In consideration of the situation on site - especially in case of use by pedestrians - additional safety measures, like additional actuators may be required. Next to this, special environmental conditions may have impact on the right choice of doortype. In case of any doubt please contact our sales engineer for advice in your application.

Technical Data  
Exterior door suitable
Interior door suitable
Wind resistance class 2 - EN 12424
Door dimension (mm)  
DW   max.   650 cm
DH min. / max. 230 / 800 cm
Door area max. 32 m 2
Opening direction vertical
Side frames anodised aluminium
Top roll Steel tube
Bottom profile anodised aluminium
Covers (standard)  
Top roll motor cover anodised aluminium 1)
Door curtain (alternatively)  
Fabric plus
- without window
- with window
(max. 22 m 2 )
Fabric Original with acrylic coating
(above 22 m 2 )
PVC with alternative coloured reinforcement stripes
up to 4 x 4,2 m
Anti-Static brush
Wind bar
Curtain tension
Drive unit electric / IP 54
Chain drive
Control systems  
ACS 50
ACS 70
Pneumatic safety contact edge
Electrical safety contact edge
Pre-running safety photocell
Door line photocell
Fall down protection
(via tension springs)
Knock-out capability (SRD)
Manual activation
Bowden lever, operated from the floor
Second bowden lever
Speed (m/s) ACS 50 ACS 70
open/close up to max. /m/s 1,7 / 0,85 3,0 / 1,2-1,0
Fuse protection 6,3 A 10/16 A
Control voltage 24 V DC 24 V DC
Protection degree IP 65 IP 65
Motor power / kW
up to DW = 6000 mm
over   DW = 6000 mm
0,55 –1,1 kW
1,1 KW
1,1 KW
1,5 KW
L/N/PE 200/230/240V;50/60Hz  
2L/PE 400/440/500V;50/60 Hz  
3L/(N)/PE 230/400/415V;50 Hz  
3L/(N)/PE 200/440/500V; 50 Hz  
Additional opening heights
Potential free contacts max. 250 V
Traffic light function    
without direction detection
Flashing alarm light (230 V)
Error message
Option Standard 
1) For doors of height 250 cm the use of top roll and motor cover is required according to the standard EN 13241-1.