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High Speed Door 3000

ADVANTAGES OF High Speed Door 3000
- Patented DiscDrive technology prevents metal to metal contact as the door slats wind onto the top roll. This reduces excessive wear, vibration and noise in high-cycle door operations.
- Low maintenance. The 3000 has fewer moving parts than other high speed rolling doors. No hinges, wheels or rollers that can be expensive to replace. Fast opening and closing speeds. Saves on utility costs by reducing loss of heating and cooling energy within temperature controlled environments.
- Contactless Safety Edge detects an object in the door path and reverses the door before the bottom edge can make contact with equipment, vehicles or personnel.

- High-cycle and high traffic areas where operational reliability is critical and security/access control is a primary requirement.

- Unique disc modules built into the top header wind the slats of the door panel onto the top roll without the slats making contact with each other. The result is less wear on the door panel and operating components.
- A counterbalanced tensioning system provides smooth operation.
- In the event of a power outage the manual release handle (emer- gency egress) enables the door to be opened.
The side frames are painted 11 gauge galvanized steel with bolt on covers providing an attractive appearance to protect the door counterbalance and tensioning system.

- The door panel consists of anodized aluminum slats mounted individually without hinge connections or rollers.
- Flexible rubber provides a tight weather seal between each slat and helps the door panel minimize lasting damage in the event of an accidental impact.
- Aluminum slats enhance wind resistance.
- Individual door slats can be quickly and easily preplaced if they become damaged.

Gear motor. Position can be chosen right- or left-hand.

Frequency converter control system ACS 80.
Please refer to technical data.

In the event of a power failure the door can be operated by releasing the brake manually. Depending on the width/height ratio, the door opens partly by means of the pre-stressed tension springs.

The door is designed according to the regulations of the Workplace Directive of the UVV as well as the harmonized CE Guidelines including the EN 13241-1.

The security of the door is designed for normal use for vehicles in industrial environment corresponding to the harmonized CE-Guidelines. In consideration of the situation on site – especially in case of use by pedestrians – additional safety measures, like additional actuators may be required. In addition, special environmental conditions may have impact on the right choice of doortype. In case of any doubt, please contact our sales engineer to receive consulting on site.

Technical Data  
Exterior door suitable
Interior door suitable
Wind resistance class 3 - EN 12424
Mounting position inside
Door dimension (mm)
DW min. / max.

DH min. / max.
80 / 500 cm
DW > 500 cm - on request
150 / 500 cm
Opening direction vertical
Surface side columns  
Galvanised steel
RAL colour paint
Aluminium (front covers)
Covers (optional)  
Motor cover 1) (plastic, black)
Winding module cover 1)
Top roll cover 1)
Door curtain  
Anodised aluminium
Coloured profiles (RAL)
Profiles with windows
Lengthened flexible seal
Drive unit electrical
Chain drive on request
Control system ACS 80
Motor power / kW 1,1 kW
Additional opening height
Potential free contacts
Fuse protection 10 A
Control voltage 24 V DC
Protection degree IP 55
3/(N)/PE 400V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz
Pre-running safety photocell
Door line photocell
Safety contact edge
Curtain tension
Self opening (partial)
Manual activation by releasing the brake with bowden lever from floor
Break release lever outside
Speed (m/s)
Open/close up to

2,5 / 0,7 m/s
Opening frequency in continuous operation
2 per minute
> 2 per minute
Traffic light function  
Without direction detection
With direction detection  

Flashing alarm light
Error message plain text
Option Standard — currently not available
1) For doors of height 250 cm the use of top roll and motor cover is required according to standard EN 13241-1.