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STAR 1 Trailer Restraint
The manually-operated STAR 1 Trailer Restraint offers excellent performance and value. The STAR 1 Trailer Restraint is designed to engage the rear impact guard of a vehicle and hold the vehicle at the loading dock during the loading and unloading process. Operation to be manual, using provided push bar to activate and release unit. No lifting effort required.
STAR 4 Trailer Restraint
The hydraulic STAR 4 Trailer Restraint offers a higher level of automation and convenience. The restraining arm is raised and lowered automatically at the touch of a button, and the solid-state controls offer more operating flexibility.
AUTO CHOCK Wheel Restraint
Our In-Ground Wheel Restraint is a permanently installed, automatic wheel-chocking system that effectively restrains vehicles with a hydraulically operated, moving wheel chock.
SURFACE CHOCK Wheel Restrint
Secure vehicles with our simple, effective, automatic Surface-Mounted Wheel Restraint. Being mounted above gound allows it to operate under the most extreme weather conditions. Because of its revolutionary design, our wheel chock doesn't impede lift gate operation or interfere with the landing gear on pup vehicles.