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Air-Powered Dockleveler
It's the air-powered dockleveler that revolutionized the industry. In addition to delivering safe, powered performance at a cost comparable to mechanical docklevelers, providing a measure of free-fall protection.
Hydraulic Dockleveler
Hydraulic dockleveler provides automatic hydraulic operation with a single push-button activation and a mechanically activated lip. The HP's unique GRAVITY Push Lip automatically extends the lip in a smooth, quiet fashion as the dockleveler descends into the vehicle.
Mechanical Dockleveler
With premium features such as single point adjustment and extension spring counterbalance, unlimited float hold-down, and an integral maintenance strut & lip support latch, our Mechanical Dockleveler offers the industry a proven design for maximum efficiency and performance.
Edge of Dock (EOD) Levelers
A permanent option to portable plates and dockboards. They are the perfect economical solution for medium traffic docks. No pit necessary!